"I'd like to think that every spirit we create tells a story. A little something about Lowestoft highlighting it's rich history and culture."
- Grant Bartlett,
Lowestoft Distillery Company Ltd

Chief distiller and the brains behind The Lowestoft Distillery Company. 


The Lowestoft Distillery Company was founded in July 2017 the brainchild of it’s owner and creator Grant Bartlett, but the story goes back a lot further than that.


Originally influenced by the bootleggers and moonshiner's of the American south and more recently those closer to home, Grant set about creating a spirit that he could proudly say was head and shoulders above the more commercial offerings. After many trials and a few errors he came up with his premier creation "OLD TOM CRISP", an interpretation of a classic Old Tom gin.

With our distillery home in the most easterly town in Britain it only seemed right to name our spirits after Lowestoft's local history and hero's and who better to recognise for our Old Tom style gin than local hero and Victoria Cross bearer, Tom Crisp VC, DSM.


Our Old Tom Crisp calls on the history of Lowestoft, with it’s fishing and trading port, and the origin and tradition of gins first created in Britain back in the 17th century.  Like Tom, our Old Tom Crisp is a smooth subtle character.  Smoother than a London Dry and perfectly balanced for either a light mixer, cocktails or better still on it’s own in an Old Fashioned glass with a block of ice.